Tony Ritchie
Trustee 1st Year - Army

Tony Ritchie grew up in Duncan, OK and enlisted in the US Army Jan 1966.

After Infantry training and Airborne school he reported into the 101stAbn Div and was assigned to be a finance clerk. When it was time to reenlist he discovered Explosive Ordnance Disposal and earned his EOD badge Dec 1969.  Tony served in EOD units for the next 22 plus years and retired as a SGM from the 8thEOD in Korea Aug 1992. 

His combat tours were in Vietnam (May 1967 – Jan 1969) and (Jul 1970 – Aug 1972).

After retiring, he worked as a contractor for the Korean Battle Simulation Center in Yongsan, Korea for the next 25 years as an instructor and systems administrator on various military simulation systems.

While in Korea he joined VFW Post 8180 and then moved to Cebu, Philippines.  IHe is also a Post Charter Member of Post 12130.